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Fees and Charges

Important Notice to all patients and guarantors


Please note that it is your responsibility to keep your appointments and to pay for services at the time services are rendered.


We recognize that sometimes you may have to cancel your appointments at the last minute. If that does happen please note that you may be charged for missed appointments as a "special handling" fee as appointments are schedule for each patient / client. We cannot double book clients due to the nature of our work and when you cancel your appointment after 6 pm on the day prior to your appointment you may incur a charge for last minute cancellation.

Please note that self-pay charges for patients who do not have insurance or for patients who have maximized their coverage limits may be billed on agreed contractual terms. Please contact our office to discuss specific charges that may be applied to your diagnosis and therapy if you are paying as "self-pay". If you have insurance  we can bill your insurance for you.

We are required to submit all evaluation and treatment visits to the insurance company if you are a subscriber.  If you have exhausted insurance visits or wish to continue therapy after your allowable visits have been utilized we will work with you to establish a payment schedule. Please note that the fee schedules and charges are approximate and based on contract with your insurance company. 

NOTE:   Actual out-of-pocket fees may be lower than billed charges. 

Copay ($10.00) Patient Responsibility


Copay ($15.00) Patient Responsibility


Copay ($20.00) Patient Responsibility


Copay ($25.00) Patient Responsibility


Copay ($30.00) Patient Responsibility


Copay ($35.00) Patient Responsibility


Copay ($40.00) Patient Responsibility