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Centers for Orthopedic and Neurological Rehabilitation

Specialists in Hand and Upper Extremity Injuries

Therapy - Clinical Outcomes - Quality Audits - Compliance - Training and Education

Occupational Therapy - Hand Therapy - Work Hardening - Work Conditioning - Ergonomics

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Finger - Hand - Wrist - Elbow - Shoulder - Neck Injuries

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Children Accessing Life-skills and Learning through Sports

Lifeskills and Learning for Children


Children and Adults of all ages experience challenges with life skills and coping mechanisms every single day. Lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem and a feeling of being left out can further limit the ability of a child who is otherwise intelligent and innovative.



The Brain and Central Nervous System

Our Central Nervous System is comprised of our brain and spinal cord which controls many functions that relate to what we do and how well we do things as a routine. Some children have untapped potential for engaging this hidden ability within their nervous system.

As parents, you know your child’s potential to succeed but when it comes to school and sports you discover a big gap in what your child can achieve and their current performance level.

Children can learn to engage their synaptic connections within their Central Nervous System through movement, reflexes and sensory exploration. Additionally, children who are very skillful but don’t have an opportunity to engage this skill will start losing these synaptic connections as they grow into their teenage years and adult life.



The Stimulus and the Environment


Food , Language and Sports are critical in maintaining and enhancing the ability of the brain to continually remodel and make new connections. Studies have shown that the CNS also releases endorphins that help reduce a child’s anxiety and improve alertness and attentiveness through activity.





This is a unique program that opens the door for children and parents who are struggling with issues in the school environment and at home. If your child has difficulty with reading, writing, eye-hand coordination, motor planning, developing dominance, flexibility, postural issues, visual perceptual skills, auditory skills and other sensory disorders that are affecting his/her self-esteem, confidence, bonding to a team environment you may want to attend our free orientation session.

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