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Diabetes  is on the rise in the U.S.  in 2009. 11.3 percent of U.S.  adults or 22 million people had diabetes in the U.S.  (Source: ADA).


In North Carolina, 643,000  adults had diagnosed diabetes and another 376,000 adults have pre-diabetes. It is more prevalent in ethnic minorities where they live in the Northeastern  and Southeastern portions of the state. In the state, the highest prevalence is  seen in African Americans at 15.6 percent. One in every five adults, age 65 and  older, had diabetes in the state. Adults with less than high school education  and with household incomes less than $15,000 had higher rates of diabetes in  the state.



Our Diabetes Prevention and Management Program is a multi-disciplinary program geared towards the individual. Each individual is unique in their habits, diet and physicial fitness. As a result of this uniqueness and our vast experience working with individuals of all age groups we have developed a program that meets the needs of the individual.


Our expertise in the management of this prevalent and silent disease has taught us that there are 3 very crtical steps:


a) a step-by-step approach to managing the clinical, physical and functional aspects of Diabetes


b) routine preventative and therapeuitc intervention with monitoring and and opportunity for change in the individual's lifestyle.


c) ongoing and sustainable programs for individuals that can participate at an independent level but need some periodic interventions, counseling and adjustments to continue to be independent with their lifestyle.



Our program has demonstrated success with individuals and corporate clients.


We can work with your Human Resources department to offer a Work Injury Prevention and Wellness program for your employees. This helps your employee population stay fit and healthy resulting in better productivity and outcome. Invest in your employees by having them stay healthy!

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